Monday, 18 January 2010

TPI - Assignment 1

I have finally completed and submitted Assignment 1. This is the first of twelve assignments and unlike the others it is theory work and did not require any photographs. (At least my understanding is that this is the only theory assignment)

The content covered types of cameras and lenses and although this may sound basic I picked up a lot of useful information from this module.

The assignment itself appeared quite straight-forward at first but the more I read it the more I realised that you really do need to pay attention to the information provided in the module. The questions themselves also provided key information and you do need to ensure you pay attention to detail.

I must have reviewed my answers a dozen times before I submitted them. This was after several sessions trawling through google to find hints and tips. In the end I had to go with what I would do and not what the text book says.

The course encourages you to be yourself and present your ideas and your style of photography. Obviously there are rules but there are no real wrong answers if you can explain your answer and demonstrate that you know what you are talking about. (Well that's what I'm hoping anyway).

Module 2 starts tomorrow....

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