Tuesday, 19 January 2010

TPI Assignment 1 Results

How fast was that !

I submitted Assignment One last night and when I logged in this morning it has been marked. Not only that, my tutor had added some very useful comments as well.

Having reviewed the assignment, my answers and the comments from the Tutor I can see that this isn't just about Questions and Answers, or just about photography.

You need to read and understand the infomation provided in the modules. You need to fill in the blanks (after working out if there are any to fill). You need to ensure you put your perspective on things. There isn't really a right or wrong answer as long as you can explain your choices and what you expect to get from them.
You need to research different scenarios to see what others would do and then decide what works for you as your own style is very important.
You need to re-read the areas you are unsure of until it sticks.

I know it's only the first module but I have learned a lot already. The fact that I got 8/10 doesnt mean I did well. It means I understand the differences between lens types and when they should be used. What I really learned from this is that I should look at each situation in detail and document everything I thought about. It is quite easy to just pick what lens you would use for a certain situation and why, but it requires more research, knowledge and creativity to produce an image that stands out above the others.

The real test will come with Assignment 2 when I get to submit my first image.

Here goes......

Monday, 18 January 2010

TPI - Assignment 1

I have finally completed and submitted Assignment 1. This is the first of twelve assignments and unlike the others it is theory work and did not require any photographs. (At least my understanding is that this is the only theory assignment)

The content covered types of cameras and lenses and although this may sound basic I picked up a lot of useful information from this module.

The assignment itself appeared quite straight-forward at first but the more I read it the more I realised that you really do need to pay attention to the information provided in the module. The questions themselves also provided key information and you do need to ensure you pay attention to detail.

I must have reviewed my answers a dozen times before I submitted them. This was after several sessions trawling through google to find hints and tips. In the end I had to go with what I would do and not what the text book says.

The course encourages you to be yourself and present your ideas and your style of photography. Obviously there are rules but there are no real wrong answers if you can explain your answer and demonstrate that you know what you are talking about. (Well that's what I'm hoping anyway).

Module 2 starts tomorrow....

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Photography Institute - Course

After over a year of reviewing photography courses I have finally took the plunge and enrolled in the Photography Institute Photography course.

I have started Module 1 and so far I am very impressed by the course layout and content. A number of topics have already "clicked" into place after reading just the first module. There are no photographs required for module 1 but it is still really interesting and set's you up nicely for module 2.

I will be posting regular updates on here as I progress through the course.

Monday, 4 January 2010


There are far too many pictures of sunsets, just look on istockphoto. Their rules about what you can upload states - sunsets = "been there, done that" .
That said, a few more won't hurt, so I had a go at taking some and living near to the coast meant a lot of pictures of sunsets looking out to sea (by far the most common). Unfortunately my timing was never very good. I would look out of the window at home and see a fantastic sunset so I'd get in the car and drive down to the beach. Needless to say, by the time I arrived the light, colour, everything had gone.

During 2009 I didn't take any pictures of sunsets, the pictures here were taken in 2007 and 2008. I would normally consider this (winter) the wrong time of year to take sunset pictures as the sun now sets behind the mountains rather than out at sea (from where I live anyway).

Now the New year is here I have set myself a number of goals and one of them is to get a set of decent sunset pictures. I'm not 100% certain what these will be of but there will be a mixture of shots taken both towards and away from the setting sun.

I particularly like the way the low sun illuminates buildings and people so there may be a couple of portraits taken at sunset as well as some interesting architecture. Whatever I do capture will be posted on flickr.