Monday, 1 August 2011

TPI - Assignment 12

The End.....16 Months on and I now have my diploma. (actually finished in May, just late writing this post)

It's been a worthwhile journey as I have learned so much about photography and about what I want to do as a photographer.  The Diploma itself wasn't what I was after it was more about the knowledge and experience I would gain from this process.

When I first started looking at courses there were so many to choose from and some carried academic qualifications officially recognised etc and others didn't.  I looked beyond that and went for a course that had the content that appealed to me.  The Diploma was an added benefit I guess, however, in the real world I'm not sure flashing my Diploma is going to get me any further than were I am today.  The knowledge and experience I have gained not just from the Institute and the course but from my own journey is much more valuable to me.

The final Assignment is an ongoing process with no end date.  I have started on the next part of my photographic journey and even though I have learned many things there is one important lesson that stands out above all of them. 

No matter what happens in the future I will never improve as a photographer unless I keep taking photographs.  Not just any old photographs, I need to focus on my chosen genre and then push myself as hard as I can.  Being in my comfort zone isn't going to get me anywhere nor dropping out of my comfort zone now and then either.  Each challenge I set myself from this point forward has to be out of my comfort zone and to a further extent than the previous one.

I am working on a set of goals for the next 12-24 months.  Once finalised I will post then here and then provide updates.  By doing this in public there is more chance I will actually do it :-)

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